Fall at the Beach

Enhancing the natural beauty of your beach home during the summer is a breeze, but during the cooler, off-season months, you can find plenty of creative ways to keep that beachy feeling but also enjoy fall decorating. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Painted Seashells – A good way to use those seashells found over the summer is to paint them! You can do something simple like painting them fall colors, or add detail by painting them too look like pumpkins or other Halloween inspired creatures or wording on them.

Nautical Pumpkins – If keeping with a more traditional beach color scheme is more your taste, marry the two ideas. Purchase some pumpkins from a local store and paint them with breezy beach colors to give that feeling of fall without using dark colors. If you’re the artistic type, you could even get into painting pictures on them as well such as octopi or seahorses.

Another great way to give a beach feeling to pumpkins is to purchase some artificial pumpkins from a store, spray them with an adhesive and then cover them with sand. This will give them a “sandcastle” appearance pretty easily.

Mermaid Corn – Another typical fall decoration is dried corn. Add some beachy flare to the corn by coloring the husks! Here is a great tutorial.

Pumpkin Jar – This time of year it should be pretty easy to find a clear glass pumpkin jar at almost any retailer or online store such as this. Another great idea I ran across was to buy one of these jars and fill it with beach finds. You could put sand, shells, stones, driftwood or any other beach related items.

Cornucopia – A fun take on your typical cornucopia that I found was to replace the typical horn shape with a large shell and filling that with smaller beach-like items such as sand dollars, white pumpkins instead orange, starfish and so on.

While these are just a few, there are tons of ideas out there for decorating your beach home this fall season. Share some of your favorite ideas on our Facebook page!