Bring on that Fall Feeling

With the cool weather and holidays quickly approaching, now is a great time to switch your home over from a breezy, summer feel to something a bit more cozy and warm. While there are endless options available to you, we hope that you enjoy some of these ideas to help you get your home ready for autumn:

Light autumn inspired candles– By choosing the right colors and scents for your candles, you can easily portray a feeling of fall. Some of the more typical scents available during this time of year include cinnamon, pumpkin or an apple variety. With so many choices to pick from, here are few places to get you started on your search:

Yankee Candle
Bath and Body Works
McCall’s Candles

Get the fireplace going – One sure fire way of getting your home into the spirit of fall is to make use of the fireplace. The smell of crackling wood will fill your home and give your guests a nice cozy feeling. Want to add a little more flare? Here are some ways to include more fragrance to your fire:

DIY Scented Sachet’s
More DIY Scent Ideas

Add some fall colors to your home – Now is a great time to switch your lighter, summer colors for deeper, autumn/winter colors. Ideal choices for fall are burgundy, dark browns and oranges. You can incorporate hints of these colors by substituting your accent pillows, including area rugs, adding a seasonal table cloth, changing picture frames or adding a dash of color to your drapes. Also, consider thicker linens like  Afghans or quilts, to further enhance the overall feeling of fall. Other ideas include adding a nice mix of texture or draping a cloth to completely cover an end table to give it a new shape.

Decorate your porch and steps – When putting out seasonal décor; don’t just take in to account the interior of the home. This is a great opportunity to add interesting arrangements to the exterior of your home:

  • Hang a corn husk wreath from the door
  • Line the walkway with pumpkins
  • Put out some rustic furniture
  • Include some seasonal flowers such as Mums

Replace flowers with fall foliage – When thinking of adding centerpieces to a table, one usually envisions a floral arrangement. For autumn, put a new spin on the centerpiece by setting up an arrangement of fall foliage including branches and leaves. For an added touch, try using different types of containers for them and surround it with fallen leaves, sticks, pinecones or pumpkins and gourds. You can find an astounding amount of ideas from Google searches and Pinterest by typing in the words “Fall Foliage Arrangements”. In addition to centerpieces, these elements could also make for a nice fall wreath to hang from your door.

Use neutral place settings – To achieve a classic, elegant table setting, opt to use neutral and simple dinnerware such as a solid color or glass. By doing so, you can avoid your dinner table looking too busy. Amp up the season by including small pops of color like a miniature pumpkin in the center of the plate, using orange cloth napkins, putting out your new, fall inspired centerpiece and add some candles.

  • Paint your pumpkins – Instead of traditional carving, why not get a little creative and add some paint to your pumpkins! Here are a few steps to follow if you would like to give it a try:
  • Choose acrylic paints as they will stick better than a poster or children’s paint.
  • Choose a pumpkin with a smooth, even shape and be sure to check for soft spots or wormholes that may rot quickly.
  • Gently wash the pumpkin with a damp cloth and allow to air dry, do not use an abrasive cloth or brush as it may damage the skin.
  • Coating with primer is optional but may help paint stick better, also applying a sealer after the paint dries can help paint last longer.

No matter if you want to go all out or just add a hint to spice things up, you are sure to find the perfect solution to help you get your home in the spirit of the season.