Advantages to Retiring in Delaware

Delaware isn’t the sort of place that typically comes up as a specific destination for retirees. Typically those discussions focus on places known for climate, or more specifically known for year-round warmth. Delaware rarely gets miserably cold though, and there are factors aside from the weather to consider when you’re deciding where to spend your retirement years. As it so happens there are several fairly distinct advantages to choosing this particular state for this chapter of your life.

Delaware is Tax-Friendly for Retirees

If you have happened to hear Delaware come up as a retirement destination; it’s probably because of this point. The state is known as something of a tax haven – famously, for corporations, but also for retirees. In fact, according to a 2012 report, it’s one of the most tax-friendly states for retired individuals. This is thanks to things like Social Security payments and pension plans getting nice tax breaks, as well as a moderate state income tax and no state-wide sales tax. All in all, it’s not a bad deal!

It’s Not out of the Way

This isn’t always a fair point to make, because “out of the way” is relative to where you like to be or where your family and friends may be located. However, Delaware is relatively centrally situated on the East Coast, which means there is fairly easy access to a lot of major cities and popular areas. There is at least a decent chance that a lot of people who might retire to the area have friends or family in New York or Boston, in Washington D.C., or even in Philadelphia or Baltimore – all of which are places within reasonably short distance.

There Are Beautiful Beaches

There’s a real argument to be made that Delaware is the United States’ most underrated coastal destination. This is likely because it’s a little farther north than most noteworthy beach states. However, a whole selection of beautiful beaches – not to mention beaches that don’t tend to be mobbed with huge crowds – actually makes the state a somewhat idyllic coastal getaway. Granted the warm seasons are somewhat shorter, but when the weather’s nice you have lots of opportunities to stretch your legs on the sand or lay out under a pleasant sun.

Delaware Has Been Progressive In Recreation

For reasons largely unknown, Delaware has been something of a leader where certain types of recreation are concerned. It was the first state aside from Nevada and New Jersey to allow casino gaming, and leapt into the legal gambling business early as well. Now, that doesn’t mean the state is full of casinos just yet. But with New Jersey putting out gaming sites and bonus offerings on a regular basis and sports betting concerning national events anyway, it’s nice to know activities like these are legal and accessible throughout the state. And even if these aren’t specifically for you, it’s certainly a positive that Delaware has a record of leading the way in fun and games!

Wilmington Can Give You Your Cosmopolitan Fix

It also has to be noted that Delaware does in fact have a nice, modern, cosmopolitan city to offer. It’s such a small state, and so thoroughly surrounded by larger states with big, famous cities that many might assume it possesses no such place of its own. Now, Wilmington certainly isn’t New York City or Washington, D.C., but it is a legitimate city with shopping areas, noteworthy restaurants, museums, and various other attractions – including even a nice little river walk. This is all just to say that if you’re considering Delaware but you’re used to a city atmosphere, or having one nearby, Wilmington may just suit your needs.

Article Written By: Natasha Wiggins