Step by Step Guide

Step 1:
Find Your Lot

There are a variety of factors that should be considered before selecting the perfect lot for your new home. Our Lot Selection Guide (Available Upon Request) can direct you through the questions that should be taken into account before making your decision. Our knowledgeable staff will be there every step of the way to help you through the entire process, from discussing the types of improvements the land will need to what type of home would be ideal to build on it. You can count on Piccard Homes to help you make the best investment possible.

Step 2:
Pre-Construction (Up to 3 months)


At the next step of the process, you will work with a Piccard Homes representative to determine the costs associated with your new home. It is at this point you will discuss your budget, and have the opportunity to review the available features for your home before proceeding with making a financial commitment.


Every lot is unique in that they all have their own set of variables to consider when figuring out the cost associated with development. A typical site will cost between $30K and $40K for ½ an acre to develop. Piccard Homes will manage the activity and provide an itemized breakdown of services and expenses.


When going through the process of a home only build, you will either need to obtain a construction-only loan or a construction-to-permanent loan unless you are paying cash. These loan types will be secured before the construction for your project begins as this is what will be used to fund the building activities on your homesite and often times, the purchase of the land.

Preferred Lenders?

Need help choosing a lender? From our experience working with a variety of lenders, we recommend:


Sales Contract

At this point in the process is when we draw up paperwork and enter into contract so we can begin building your home. Once the sales contract is complete, we can begin scheduling selection meetings, conduct though site inspections and develop a project schedule among other relevant details pertaining to your home build.

Selection Process

This is the point in the process in which you will sit with our sales consultant to choose the finishes for your home that best meet your taste. During this time is when you will get to make choices in regards to countertops, cabinetry, faucets and other home accents.




This is the final phase before we begin building. At this point, we will meet you on site to discuss the final placement of your home on the lot and any other final homesite related items that will need to be address before construction commences.

Step 3:
Construction Phase (Up to 5 months)

This is the time we break ground and begin construction. During this process, we will keep you informed of the progress we are making and provide any updated information along the way. As the framing and mechanicals are put in place, you will take your first walk-through the home before the drywall goes up. The Pre-Drywall walk-through is the time you will get to review and confirm your selections and see up close and personal all of the quality construction that goes into your new home.

Site Visits

We are always happy to show you your home during the construction process. Feel free to contact your construction manager to schedule a visit. Please be sure to wear appropriate shoes that cover your feet and we will also provide you with a hard hat.

Step 4:


Now that construction is complete, it is time for your new home walk-through! This is the time
we take you through each section of your finished home and show you how it operates and give you tips on how to keep it looking and running like new. The Piccard Homes staff will provide details regarding your home warranty procedures and recommended routine maintenance as well as give you the opportunity to note any adjustments or touch ups that will need to be made before the settlement date.


Due to the unique circumstances surrounding a construction loan, there is no need to have a formal settlement like those occurring with other home purchases. At this point, the construction manager will be there to review any last minute details and pretty much just hand you the keys.