Customer Care

Your happiness with your Piccard Home matters to us and we have a system in place to ensure this happens. We are a family company and extend those family values to our homeowners. Like family, we’ll be here for you long after your settlement.

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The Piccard Pledge

Starting with your Pre-Settlement Orentation, you will receive a somprehensive overview of your home and the systems in place. This information is also included in your Homeowner’s Manual, including ansers to many questions you may encounter in the future. We also have tips for troubleshooting and a list of emergency contacts should you experience any issues.

Once you have settled in, you are bound to run into things that requre some attention, have a question about how something works, or just how to maintain your home in general. That’s where your Homewoner’s manual coems in handy. If the manual doesn’t anser your question, the Piccard Cares Deprtment is here to help. you’ll find service forms online for your convenience.

Our goal is to create happy homeowners that are pleased to recommend us to their friends.